the river dart

Book 1 : Marmalade the Mouse and His Jammy Adventure

In The Devon-based Jammy Adventure,  Marmalade has the crazy idea of setting up a jam factory  ... an over ambitious and sticky plan from the beginning ! The story is set on the banks of The River Dart in the muddiest, cow-pattiest, windiest depths of South Devon ... right at the point where the land meets the sea. 

The Devon lanes and autumn hedgerows are bulging with blackberries and fruits ... and for a brief moment Marmalade's plan looks set to succeed. But as autumn turns to winter and the nights grow colder, things begin to go horribly wrong ! This is a story about never giving up, no matter how impossible something may seem.

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"A perfectly good read for anyone aged 3-92 !"
96 Page Hardback with 106 Watercolour Illustrations
14 Chapters to Read to 3 Years +
Perfect Self-Read for 7-11 Years
Designed for book loving 6 Year Olds Too !
Written & Illustrated by Lucy Magicmaker
Self-published. ISBN : 978-0-9571201-1-2
Printed by Butler, Tanner and Dennis of Frome, Somerset