London Adventure

Book 3 : Marmalade the Mouse & His London Adventure ...

In the London Adventure, Marmalade the Mouse goes on a 'roller coaster' of a ride from the 'glitzy' West End to the ancient City of London itself ... where he meets a limping pigeon called Coo-Coo & lots of little Cockney mouse friends along the way, before cosying himself into a world of polishing brass in the crypt at St Paul's !

Marmalade the Mouse's London life would be wonderful, if it weren't for a rather unfortunate incident with a rather rambunctious royal corgi called Rupert ! A priceless Ming vase lies smashed on the carpet and Marmalade needs to find a way out of the mess. This is a real "who-dunnit" of a story ... and a London Adventure like no other ... with any press queries ...

We are hoping to launch in Summer 2023 😊

"Hilarious read for anyone aged 3-92 !"
120 Pages with 100+ Watercolour Illustrations
14 Chapters to Read to 3 Years +
Perfect Self-Read for 7-11 Years
Designed For Book Loving 6 Year Olds Too !
Lots of Pictures, Short Paras & Chapters
Written & Illustrated by Lucy Magicmaker
Self-Published. ISBN No. 978-0-9571201-TBA
To be printed by Gomer Press, Ceredigion, Wales