Cornish Adventure

Book 2 : Marmalade the Mouse and His Cornish Adventure

In The Cornish Adventure, Marmalade the Mouse boards a train to London. At least that's where he thought he was going until he slipped into hibernation on the Paddington to Penzance service ... only to wake up months later at the wrong end of the line ! 

Marmalade suddenly finds himself in a Cornish world filled with pirates and smugglers, fairies and kings. Together with his new friend Sybil, a bossy old seagull from Penzance, they embark on a series of crazy adventures ... right on the Cornish edge ! A true Cornish story of friendship and fun !

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"A brilliantly funny read for anyone aged 3-92 !"
106 Page Hardback with 112 Watercolour Illustrations
13 Chapters to Read to 3 Years +
Perfect Self-Read for 7-11 Years
Designed for book loving 6 Year Olds Too !
Written & Illustrated by Lucy Magicmaker
Self Published. ISBN No. 978-0-9571201-2-9
Printed by Gomer Press, Ceredigion, Wales