Marmalade under the tree


It was autumn when Lucy Magicmaker sat under a plum tree and said, "I know I will become a children's writer, but what will I write ?" If only I had a sign !" Then, a little purple plum fell from the tree and landed in her hair. She was too busy thinking to notice the plum. Then, sad that no sign had appeared, she went back indoors and carried on with her chores.

Lucy Magicmaker hoovered the house and did the laundry, and two hours later, went upstairs to put her socks away in the drawer. As she leaned forwards to close the drawer, the little purple plum rolled off her head and landed in the socks ! Lucy stood in amazement gazing at the ceiling wondering where the plum had come from. It was baffling ! Then, she realised the plum was the sign, and it had been sitting on her head all along !

Lucy quicky returned to the plum tree, and let her imagination wander. It wasn't long before a little mouse entered her mind who said his name was Marmalade. But what did Marmalade the Mouse have to do with the fallen plum ? Lucy thought about it some more and quickly realised 'Marm-a-lada' is French for jam, and her story began to piece itself together.

"What if I pick all the purple plums from this tree ? Maybe then, I'll understand more ?" she thought, and rushed indoors to research online jam jars !  A few days later the plums were picked, and a pallett of 2,000 jam jars had arrived in her kitchen ! She then set about washing, chopping, boiling and bottling the fruit, and for six long weeks, the 'Marm-a-lada' story bubbled away in her mind, until the day finally came when Lucy Magicmaker knew she was ready to write her first book.

Disclaimer : Lucy sat under a plum tree for inspiration. She found a quiet space, emptied her mind and watched for the signs to appear. Note : there are many ways to decide to become a writer and to publish or self-publish your first book. There are many printers, publishing houses, or online self-publishing tools to get you started. Please search online to discover more about the world of publishing.