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Marmalade's Cornish Adventure is a charming story ...

... about a mouse and his adventures with a seagull named Sybil, or more correctly, Sybilius Seagullius of Penzanzicus. When Marmalade mistakenly ends up in Penzance ... after falling asleep on the London Paddington to Penzance line ... "a Cornish seagull, Sybil" takes 'im under 'er wing, and over the course of a summer teaches him the insider's guide to Cornwall.

Sybil has a strong Cornish accent, which makes this story very funny to read ... and adds to the "Cornishness" of the book. The seagull and mouse become firm friends, with Sybil being the "best Cornish tour guide" anyone could wish for.

Sybil the Seagull and Marmalade the Mouse have adventures that begin in Marazion, and take them all the way up the rocky coast to North East Cornwall. Marmalade flies on Sybil's back, and takes in the scenery with his binoculars. Together, they steal food from unsuspecting tourists, make glorious ice-cream, following a recipe by Jamie Oliver ... and even go surfing in Newquay !

One of the strongest features of this book is it's "shining love of Cornwall" and it's knowledge of Cornish history and folklore. Sybil knows "pretty much everything" there is to know about the towns and rugged remote places they visit. Marmalade happily listens as she "fills his head" with her tall stories ... except when the tales get too scary, and Marmalade sticks his fingers in his big ears to block Sybil out !

This "shining love of Cornwall" makes the book a lovely gift for anyone who likes to holiday in The Duchy. It's impossible not to be excited by all the familiar place names ... and, if you're a local, there's the fun of learning EVEN MORE about places you already know.

The illustrations are delightful and sweet, and plentiful throughout the book ... with one on each page ... and evoke thoughts and memories of happy days by the seaside. The Cornish Adventure "a perfect treat" for family members of all ages. I highly recommend it as your next book purchase !

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Review of The Cornish Adventure by Jacqueline Wild
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