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Read Lucy's Thoughts on Jammy Adventure ...

"Hello, The Story of Marmalade the Mouse and His Jammy Adventure is a story about a little mouse who believes there must be more to life than just gathering nuts."

Marmalade the Mouse is unhappy. He has a deep nagging feeling that he ought to be doing more than just the "same old, same old" ? Marmalade YEARNS for excitement. He WISHES to be special. Above all, he LONGS to discover a world BIGGER than the one he knows at the end of Miss Margery Pootle's garden. The Jammy Adventure is the tale of how one little mouse takes a series of giant steps to change his world forever and make his INNER MOST WISHES come true."

Sitting under a tree one day, Marmalade catches a falling apple, and sees this as a sign to set up a jam factory. This is the instant when Marmalade the Mouse's life changes forever. There is no going back, as he throws himself into a new world of fruits and jam.

Marmalade obsesses over dozens of checklists. His jam making project seems straightforward enough. However, once the gathering of the fruits and berries begins, things start to go horribly wrong. The story quickly turns into a series of calamities, with one disaster leading to another. All the while, Marmalade becomes ever more tired and exasperated by the constant flow of unforeseen problems, seemingly without end !

Marmalade the Mouse reaches the point of collapse, and has a mini-mouse-meltdown. "WHY did I think I could be special ?" he sobs. "I'm JUST A MOUSE ! Mice CAN'T HAVEa jam factory ! I've made a BIG STICKY MESS ... and I CAN'T GO ON !"

Luckily, the moon and stars and wintery sky are looking down on the mouse and watching his tiny world unravel. It's winter. Snow is on the ground. The leaves have fallen from the trees. Tired and cold, Marmalade sits crying in the orchard. In between his tears, he hears a whispery voice on the wind that tells him to never give up. Marmalade is filled with a renewed sense of courage, as he sets out to see his project through to the end.

An uplifting tale filled with hope and inspiration ... with a strong message that "You make it happen ! You make your wish come true !"