Lucy Magicmaker

About Lucy Magicmaker

Lucy Magicmaker was born in The South Hams in South Devon in 1967. Part Devonian and Part Cornish, she has a strong bond to the energy and landscape of the West Country. After spending many years of her life working for American Corporations, she returned to Devon and Cornwall, with a strong belief that "less might well be more ?" Sitting down at her kitchen table, she has slowly, but steadily, built a miniature mouse-sized company she can call her own. Quietly, she's becoming a writer and illustrator. With a firm belief that "You make it happen ! You make your wishes come true !", her new life has begun ...

The Story of Marmalade the Mouse and His Jammy Adventure is the first book in Marmalade the Mouse's Great British Series. First published in 2012, the Devon-based Adventure is set on the River Dart in South Devon, England. "This is where I was born. It helped enormously to set my first book in a place I know very well," said Lucy.

By 2013, Lucy was ready to write and illustrate the second book in Marmalade the Mouse's Great British Series. This second adventure is based in Cornwall, Lucy's ancestral homeland ... a place that is close to her heart. "The Cornish Adventure means so much to me. The story is dedicated to my ancestors, the Trewarthas of Gwithian, who've been living in Cornwall since records began. "

After writing and illustrating the second book in the Great British Series, Lucy realised the illustrations of Marmalade the Mouse in The Cornish Adventure didn't look anything like the images of him in The Jammy Adventure. Marmalade was developing and growing as a character. Her illustrating style was changing before her eyes. There was only one thing to do ... go back to the very beginning of the first book and start the entire series all over again, which would take at least a year. "It's much harder to write and illustrate a series than a single book," said Lucy.

By 2014-2015, Marmalade the Mouse had undergone a massive makeover. The first two books in The Great British Series were ready to form the building blocks for the rest of Marmalade's journey.  "It was hard work going back to the very beginning and starting all over again with a Second Edition Jammy Adventure, but it was worth it," said Lucy.

Early 2017 will see the launch of the third book in the Marmalade the Mouse Great British Series, The London Adventure. "This is a very exciting year for me and Marmalade," said Lucy. "We're very happy with the books so far. Our journey has been both demanding and exciting. We're learn something new every single day. Most importantly, we love what we do," said Lucy.

In the years to come, Lucy Magicmaker and Marmalade the Mouse wish to journey through England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. For each county they will visit, they hope to write a new hardback, watercolour-illustrated book. "We're sticking to The West Country for the first few books. It's best to write about places you know," said Lucy. "But then, we hope to head north into the great unknown !" Who knows where their journey will take them ?

Lucy Magicmaker's message is ... "YOU make it happen ! YOU make your wish come true !"