Test Your Cornish Knowledge

Test Your Knowledge of Cornwall with 100 Question Cornish Quiz ...

We've split Marmalade the Mouse's 100 Question Cornish Quiz into three chunks for you. Take your time and plod through. You can always "cheat" and get the answers from The Story of Marmalade the Mouse and His Cornish Adventure. Books available in our online VIP Mouse Shop or via local stockists and local libraries. Are you ready ?

Part 1 : 33 Cornish Questions to get 'ee in the mood ...

1. Do 'ee know which two words made up the name of 'Cornwall' ?

2. In The Cornish Adventure, can Marmalade the Mouse fly ?

3. What does the Cornish word 'Penwith' mean in English ?

4. Name the village on the beach in front of St Michael's Mount ?

5. What does the Cornish flag look like ? Describe it.

6. Name three top favourite things Cornish smugglers brought into Cornwall from France ?

7. Cornwall was once hit by a tidal wave. Was it in 700AD, 1300BC or 1700BC ?

8. How is Newlyn spelt in olde Cornish, and what is the town famous for ?

9. Cornish crabs are exported overseas each week to seafood markets in a) India or b) China ?

10. What do ghosts of dead pirates howl out in storms off Land's End ?

11. What is the name of the VAST ocean to the west of Cornwall ?

12. List five essential things to take with you for a day at the beach ?

13. Is The Story of Marmalade the Mouse and His Cornish Adventure available for FREE across ALL Cornish libraries ?

14. Name the famous flowering bush grown in all of Cornwall's beautiful GREAT GARDENS ?

15. List two things that the lovely town of St Ives is famous for ?

16. Did Cornish people used to eat roast wolf, wild pig and boar for their lunch on Sunday ? If so, name two Cornish vegetables they had with it ?

17. Do sharks swim in the waters off Godrevy Lighthouse near Gwithian ? Absolutely not or possibly ?

18. Who is Alfred Wallis, and what did he do that made him famous ?

19. Is it good to feed Cornish seagulls pasties and buns ? Discuss.

20. When the Romans lived in Cornwall, they called the place 'Belerion' in Latin, meaning what ?

21. Did the Cornish King Arthur have a round or square table ?

22. Who invaded England and Cornwall in 1066 and became King ?

23. What does the RNLI mean, and what do they do ?

24. What's the name of the group of archipelago jutting 28 miles out to sea off the coast of Cornwall ?

25. Name two out of seven lighthouses around the Cornish coast looked after by Trinity House in London ?

26. Was the pasty invented by the Cornish or the Devonians ? Discuss.

27. Men-an-Tol is an ancient monument with a hole in it that people used to drag their children through to cure what ?

28. Rialobrani Cunivali Fili is the Latin name for an ancient Cornish warrier who died in 545AD. What does his name mean ? Like you have any idea whatsoever ...

29. Caer-Bran is the ancient Cornish name for an old castle near Land's End. Caer means castle. What does Bran mean ?

30. Carn Kenidzhek a secret hiding place for Cornish fairies. What's this place known as locally ? And where is it ?

31. How do you catch fairies ? And if you could see one up close, how would it be dressed ?

32. Does Cornwall produce renewable energy ? If so, name two ways ?

33. Cornwall has a rare bird called The Cornish Chough. What colour are its legs, and what's it other name ?

Part 2 : another 33 questions fer 'ee to sail thru ...

34. Name the famous Cornish lifeboat from Cadgewith Cove that rescued 227 people on the night of 17th March 1907 in the seas off The Lizard ?

35. Lifeboats were once rowed by both men and women ? True or false ?

36. In The Domesday Book, the town of Helston was called Hen-Lys-Stone in ancient Cornish. What does Hen-Lys-Stone mean ?

37. One of Cornwall's Great Gardens has a Halliggye-Fogou. What on earth is this ?

38. The BBC Series Poldark was re-aired on "British tele" in 2015 to HUGE delight of fans worldwide. In what year did the BBC first air this AMAZING TV series ? Was it 1965, 1975 or 1985 ?

39. Egyptians from The Pyramids once sailed into Cornwall to buy Cornish tin ? Likely or unlikely ?

40. Are old dis-used tin mines safe or unsafe places to go down by yourself ? 

41. Men, women, children and donkeys used to work down Cornish mines ? True or false ?

42. Cornish potatoes and daffodils are harvested up to two months earlier in Cornwall than in other parts of Great Britain. How come ?

43. Britain's first ever tea plantation is in Cornwall on The .................... Estate. Fill in the blank.

44. How do local Cornish people pronounce or say St Austell ?

45. What year was Edward the Prince of Wales crowned the first ever Duke of Cornwall ?

46. In the grounds of Restormel Castle, you can find a Tetraphasus Obscurus. What on earth is this ?

47. The Cornish village of Lanivet once grew bamboo to feed pandas at London Zoo. Is this true or a complete load of made-up rubbish ?

48. Put Bronze Age, Iron Age and Stone Age in order of the oldest first, then the next oldest and then the most recent ?

49. Does Cornwall 'ave an airport. If so, where is it ?

50. In the 18th Century, how many gallons of French brandy were smuggled into Cornwall each year ? Was it 50,000 gallons, 200,000 gallons or 500,000 per year ?

51. What should you do if you run into The Headless Highwayman as he drives his carriage across Bodmin Moor ?

52. What is the legendary Beast of Bodmin Moor and what does he eat for his tea ?

53. Name the old staging post in the middle of Bodmin Moor where people used to be murdered in their sleep ?

54. Packet Ships used to sail in and out of Falmouth and Penryn harbours from America and The New World carrying what ?

55. Does it matter which teet you squeeze first, when sat on a three-legged stool milking a four-legged Cornish cow ? Yes or no ?

56. Name two famous delicious Cornish yummy edible things that are made from full fat Cornish milk ?

57. In a Cornish cream tea, does the cream or jam go on first ?

58. List two things that you can see or do at The Lost Gardens of Heligan ?

59. Cornish pixies are famous for leading you off your path. What must you do to break their spell ?

60. Can rodents, like mice, swim ? And if so, which Cornish town hosts The Annual Furry Rodent Swimming Competition ? Read The Cornish Adventure to find this answer ...

61. Which Cornish town is The Surf Capital of Great Britain ?

62. What is the ancient Cornish word meaning "tourist" ?

63. Castle-An-Dinas is the ancient hunting lodge of which Cornish king ?

64. Did Tintagel used to be a famous port or a mainline train station ?

65. One of the highest sheer-drop cliffs in Great Britain is near Crackington Haven on Cornwall's North Coast. How tall is this cliff ?

66. Widemouth Bay on Cornwall's North Coast used to export tin and pasties to Wales. Were the pasties hot or cold ?

Part 3 : if yer brain 'asn't yet been as deep-fried as a pasty in batter ...

67. Logmorwenna is Cornish for which village in North Cornwall ? Can you name it's famous vicar ?

68. What was Charlestown famous for in the past ? And what is Charlestown famous for today ?

69. The ancient Cornish spelling of Fowey is FAW-EY. What do the words FAW and EY mean ?

70. How far out to sea from Cornwall's South Coast is the famous flashing Eddystone Lighthouse ?

71. In 1578, ships sailed into Plymouth Sound from The New World carrying a rare and strange vegetable. What was that veggie ?

72. The New World is an old name for which modern-day continent ?

73. When you cross The Tamar Bridge on the border of Devon and Cornwall, do you pay to drive into Cornwall, or on your way out ?

74. What is a Celt ? A vegetable, crochet stitch or ancient Cornish tribal person ?

75. Did giants once roam the Cornish landscape, and if so, when to the nearest 1000 years ?

76. Do you believe in Cornish mermaids and sea monsters ? And do they still exist in Cornwall today ?

77. Is Cornwall a County, a Duchy, or a Kingdom ?

78. What is The Camel Trail ?

79. List three main ingredients in a traditional Cornish pasty + one spice ?

80. In Cornish folklore, is it good luck if a seagull poos on yer head ?

81. To reach Cornwall by train, you board The London Paddington to ........... Service. Fill in the gap.

82. What is the name of the channel of water along Cornwall's South Coast ?

83. The village of Marazion was once 5-6 miles inland and surrounded by forest ? Fact or total rubbish ?

84. In the past, even vicars and lords used to help smuggle rum up the cliff paths ? Likely or unlikely ?

85. What colour helicopters do the Cornwall Air Ambulance team of rescue people fly ? What telephone number do you call if you need one ?

86. "Y a w'ra tira w'ar'n men Merlyn : Neb a w'ra leski Powl, Pensans ha Lulynn", said Merlin the Magician, in ancient Cornish. Please translate this into English.

87. Did Merlin the Magician actually live in Cornwall ? If so, name one place where he once lived ?

88. Ships from The West Indies sailed into Penzance from the 1600s onwards loaded with all kinds of goodies. Name two things they brought from exotic faraway lands ?

89. Cornish white slaves fetched a high price for 300 years in the markets of North Africa ? Is this fact, or just some old Cornish tale ?

90. In your own words, describe what a Cornish pirate looks like ?

91. In ancient Cornish graveyards, sailors were traditionally buried with their ...... facing out to sea. Fill in the gap.

92. In Ludgvan, 1000 year's ago, the ancient Cornovii Tribe roasted wolves on beds of flaming ..... ? Complete the missing word.

93. What was Barbara Hepworth famous for, and where is her museum and garden ?

94. According to ancient Cornish seagull lore, is it okay to snatch pasties ? Yes or no ?

95. Boscastle is a famous haunt for ......... ? Fill in the blank, if you dare. Clue : they usually fly about on broomsticks.

96. In a recent seagull survey of 100 Cornish gulls, how many preferred cheese and onion pasties to the traditional meat and potato ?

97. Cornwall gave the Isles of Great Britain its name, originally The Isles of Great Bright .... ? Fill in the blank.

98. Cornish tin is the best and brightest in the world ? True or false ?

99. St Mewa and St Ida were two Cornish female saints who both lived in the same village, and gave the village its name. Which village am I talking about ?

And lastly in your own words ...

100. in your opinion, name your TOP FAVOURITE THING that makes The Duchy of Cornwall SO VERY SPECIAL ?

THE END. Read The Story of Marmalade the Mouse and His Cornish Adventure to find out how well you scored. Or email your answers to contact@lucymagicmaker.com to enter our WEEKLY PRIZE Giveaway.

Lots of love, Marmalade the Mouse and Sybil the Seagull x