Marmalade in Devon

Test Your Knowledge of Devon with Marmalade the Mouse's DEVON QUIZ ...

With the Devon Quiz, half the questions are from Marmalade the Mouse's Devon-based Jammy Adventure, which is set on the River Dart in The South Hams. The other half of the questions test your knowledge of the County of Devon from North to South, East and West. Can't wait to find out how much you know about the County of DEVON !

Part 1 : 25 Questions, just to get you started ...

1.  Marmalade the Mouse and His Jammy Adventure is set in which county in Great Britain ?

2. What is the name of the most southerly tip of South Devon ? Is it a) South Hants or b) South Hams ?

3. Is the pasty a Devonian invention, or was it invented by a neighbouring county ? Discuss.

4. What game was Sir Francis Drake playing on Plymouth Hoe when someone told him the Spanish Armada had been sighted in The English Channel ?

5. Marmalade the Mouse's Jammy Adventure is about a) traffic jam or b) jam factory ?

6. Pixies on Dartmoor are very good at leading you off your path. What must you do to break their pixie spell ?

7. Marmalade lives in the sleepy village of Cornworthy on The River a) Dart b) Tart or c) Fart ?

8. In the first part of The Jammy Adventure, the little mouse is upset because his life is too normal. His nose starts to ...... ? Complete the missing word.

9. Sir Walter Raleigh, the famous explorer and friend of Queen Elizabeth the First, was born in which East Devon village ?

10. Marmalade the Mouse lives in a watering can in the back garden of an old lady. What is her name ?

11. Croyde in North Devon is famous for a) scuba diving b) surfing or c) cockle picking ?

12. Marmalade's year is super normal. In winter, he sleeps. In spring, he exercises. In summer, he talks to the bees. What does Marmalade do in autumn ?

13. Autumn is the time of year when the Devon farmers and gardeners harvest their crops from the gardens, hedgerows and fields ? Is this true or false ?

14. The Dart Valley Steam Railway runs a special "Santa Express Service" in December ? Is this true or false ?

15. In The Jammy AdventureMarmalade the Mouse falls asleep and drifts off to far away lands. What happens to him next that changes his life ?

16. In The Jammy Adventure, Marmalade has a dream in which he hears a whispery voice that sounds like the wind. What does the voice tell him to do ?

17. All newcomers to Devon towing a caravan must take a "reversing test" before they leave the A38 and enter the Devon lanes ? Is this true or made up nonsense ?

18. In The Jammy Adventure, Marmalade the Mouse makes six wishes. Can you name three of those wishes ?

19. The Devon town of Dartmouth has the ruins of two castles at the entrance to the sea. The castles once had a huge iron chain between them which the guards "yanked" if a Spanish Galleon tried to sail through. What would happen to the invading ship ?

20. In The Jammy Adventure, Marmalade's watering can is a bit small for a jam factory and he has to move house. Where does he go ?

21. Marmalade enters his new jam factory through a very small door. What did this door used to be for ?

22. The seaside town of Salcombe, on Devon's south coast, is approximately a) 76 miles b) 90 miles or c) 125 miles off the coast of France ?

23. Devon is borderd by Cornwall to the West, Somerset to the Noth East, and by which county to the East ?

24. In The Jammy AdventureMiss Margery Pootle has gone on holiday for two whole months from 21st October until 22nd December. Where has she gone ?

25. Wing mirrors on cars in Devon are sometimes known as "hedge indicators". When driving down a Devon lane, should the "hedge indicator" a) not touch the hedge b) slightly touch the hedge or c) be completely in the hedge ?

Well, that's the first 25 questions done ... here's the next batch to take you to the half way stage !

26. In a Devon cream tea, does the cream or jam go on the scone first ?

27. Devon gets its name from Latin name, Dumnonia, which was once home to the Dunnonii Brittonic Celts ? Is this a) made up rubbish or b) possibly true ?

28. Where does Marmalade the Mouse find the ancient Devon Jam Recipes ?

29. In The Jammy Adventure, can you name three kinds of Devon jam that Marmalade the Mouse decides to make ?

30. Devon has two national parks. One of them is Dartmoor. Can you name the second ?

31. The resort towns along Devon's south coast are known as The English Riviera. Can you name two towns on this sunny seaside Riviera ?

32. In The Jammy Adventure, Marmalade sets about raiding the cupboards in search of jam making equipment. Name three gadgets or tools he needs to make jam ?

33. Devon has a population of approximately a) 1.1 million b) 2.2 million or c) 3.3 million people ?

34. In The Jammy Adventure, how many jars of jam does Marmalade the Mouse decide to make in total ?

35. What is the name of the main county town of Devon ? Is it a) Plymouth b) Exeter or c) Torquay ?

36. Marmalade calculates that a large saucepan holds 25 jars of jam. How many large saucepans of each kind of jam will he need to boil up if he wants to end up with 250 jars in total ?

37. If Marmalade the Mouse makes 250 jars of each kind of jam. and there are eight different jams, how many jars of jam will he have made in total ? Blimey ... 

38. The seas off the coast of Torbay and The English Riviera were once shallow tropical coral seas ? Is this a) true or b) cods-wallop ?

39. To make jam, the little mouse uses one kilo of fruit for every kilo of sugar + some water and lemon juice. Are these the correct ingredients for jam making ?

40. Devon is famous for mackerel fishing. Which one of the following seaside ports has a fish market on the quayside ? Is it a) Brixham b) Dartmouth or c) Salcombe ?

41. Marmalade the Mouse walks around the Devon orchards and lanes looking for fruits for his jam. Can you name five different fruits he might find in the hedgerow or in an orchard ?

42. Marmalade found weird fruits in the hedgerows like sloe berries and rose hips. Can you describe both of these bushes and fruits please ?

43. The western boundary of Devon with Cornwall was set at The River Tamar by the saxon King Athelstan in 936AD ? True or total turtle piddle made up on the spur of the moment by Marmalade the Mouse ?

44. Kent's Cavern in Torquay has produced human remains up to 30-40,000 years old. Is this true or false ?

45. An apple orchard is filled with windfalls. What are windfalls ?

46. Can you name two different varieties of apple ?

47. Which is the most rural part of Devon ? North Devon or South Devon ?

48. Four out of the following five towns are in North Devon ... which one town is in South Devon ? Barnstaple, Great Torrington, Totnes, Bideford or Ilfracombe ?

49. Devon has a small international airport. Where is this ?

50. If you had 320 buckets of red apples and 290 buckets of green apples, how many buckets of apples would you have in total ?

You are officially half way through the Devon Quiz. Take a tea break ! Have a rest !

51. Devon's Exmoor coast has the highest cliffs in southern Britain. The tallest is called "The Great Hangman" with a sheer face of a) 250 meters b) 300 meters or 350 meters above sea level ?

52. Benedictine Monks at Buckfast Abbey were famous for making honey, tonic wine and cider. One of these is not true. Which one ?

53. Dittisham is a village on the beautiful River Dart, and is a famous place for growing plums ? Is this true or false ?

54. Is a medlar a kind of ancient apple or someone who interferes in other people's business ? Discuss ...

55. Rising climate temperatures in Devon have led to the county becoming the first place in modern Britain to cultivate olives ? Is this true or utter rubbish ?

56. Okehampton is a town in West Devon founded by the which tribe of people in 980AD and once called Ocmundtune ?

57. The landscape of Dartmoor is made up of stone called granite which was forged during volcanic eruptions 395-400 million years ago. Is this a) true or b) ridiculous ?

58. In The Jammy Adventure, where does Marmalade find a huge stash of marrows for his Marrow and Ginger Jam ?

59. In The Jammy Adventure, other than fruit, the second most important ingredient in jam is sugar. How does Marmalade lay his "mousey-mits" on 256 bags of sugar ?

60. Woolacombe, Saunton, Westward Ho and Croyde on Devon's north coast are famous for which water sport ?

61. Exeter was the most south-westerly fortified settlement in the British Tribe for which invading tribe of people ? Clue : they liked pizza and spoke Italian.

62. In The Jammy AdventureAutumn has grown a bit chilly and Marmalade the Mouse needs a new woolly scarf. Where does he get the soft fabric from ?

63. Marmalade also needs a warm soft winter vest and bravely cuts up an item of clothing belonging to Miss Margery Pootle. What is this item of clothing ?

64. High above The River Dart, 1500 feet above sea level, small fossils of marine life have been found which are a) nearly 100 million b) nearly 200 million or c) nearly 400 million years old ?

65. According to geologists, the unique orange-coloured rocks found in the cliffs of Torbay are said to have originally come from a) The Middle East b) America or c) North Africa ?

66. You need jam jars and lids to put your sticky jam in. What clever plan does Marmalade come up with to fill his wheelbarrow with jam jars ?

67. Put jam in jar. Add the sugar. Boil the jam. Cut up the fruit. Please put these actions in order of first, second, third, and last thing to do, when making jam ?

68. There's an underground tunnel which burrows from Dartmouth Harbour all the way to Buckfast Abbey, which was historically used to smuggle a) rum b) people or c) both ?

69. When you milk a Devon cow, how do you stop its tail swishing you in the face ? Discuss ...

70. Name three things that can made from full fat Devon milk ?

71. Marmalade the Mouse runs out of fruit to finish making the last 121 jars of jam. What crafty plan does he come up with to fix the problem ?

72. In The Jammy Adventure, the little mouse needs a marketing flyer to put through people's letter boxes along The River Dart. How does the flyer get delivered ?

73. What is a "Salcome Smokie" ?

74. What is the main ingredient used in making Salcombe Dairy Ice-Cream ? Clue : clotted ........

75. In The Jammy AdventureMarmalade the Mouse has a bit of a "mini-mouse-meltdown" and no longer believes his jam factory will succeed. Who speaks to him to tell him everything will be okay ?

There now follows the final 25 questions and then you have finished the Devon Quiz ! Phew !

76. In The Jammy AdventureMarmalade places adverts in the local South Hams Newspapers for what kind of event ?

77. Haytor on Dartmoor is a a) haystack b) rocky outcrop or c) reservoir ?

78. Powderham Castle is an ancient manor house near Starcross and is said to haunted by "hookey spookie ghosties ?"  What would you do if you met the ghost ?

79. In The Jammy Adventure, the little mouse walks all night in the cold winter air putting up posters around the villages along the banks of The River Dart. How does he get home ?

80. What's the total amount of money Marmalade owes Miss Margery Pootle to cover the cost of everything he borrowed from her cupboards, including replacement printer ink ?

81. Devon cider is made from a) cider apples b) granny smiths or c) wild bramblies ?

82. Honiton in East Devon is famous for what special and ancient handicraft ?

83. In The Jammy Adventure, just before the special event, some HUGE hurricane-force winds blow in from across The Atlantic Ocean. What are these winds called ?

84. When "The South Westerlies" blow in from the sea, they can travel at speeds of up to a) 50 mph b) 90 miles per hour or c) 120 miles per hour ?

85. Devon is famous for a) farming b) fishing c) brass bands and d) tourism ? Which one is not true ?

86. In Devonshire dialect, if someone says, " Praper jab, med. Wurr be um gwain no ?" ... what does that mean ?

87. In The Jammy Adventure, Marmalade the Mouse finds his a) courage b) magic wand or c) long lost friend ?

88. What is the first name of the Devon-born Principal Ballerina with The Scottish Ballet ?

89. In a Devon pasty, what are the three main ingredients ?

90. Do Devon seagulls like it most in North Devon, South Devon, East Devon or West Devon ? Discuss ...

91. Is it good to feed seagulls pasties and buns ? Discuss even further ...

92. In the Devon-based Jammy Adventure, Marmalade sets up his special event in the orchard, and then climbs into a secret hiding place to sit and watch things unfold. Where does he hide himself ?

93. Does Devon have lots of grey squirrels or red squirrels ?

94. Is it true that you can make a pasty out of squirrel meat ? And if so, what other ingredients would you cook with it ?

95. In The Jammy Adventure, as Marmalade prepares to leave the sleepy village of Cornworthy, he sets off through the snow to Totnes Station to catch a train to where ?

96. At the end of The Jammy Adventure, Marmalade boards an early morning train called the "milk train". Why is the train called this ?

97. In your opinion, in The Jammy Adventure, does Marmalade the Mouse make his wishes come true ? Discuss.

98. "You make it happen ! You make your wishes come true !" Do you believe this is true ?

99. Do you think Marmalade the Mouse is proud to be Devonian ?

100. Name the one thing you love the most about the County of DEVON ?

"YIppee ! I love my Jammy Adventure !" shrieked Marmalade, excited the quiz was over.

Good luck with completing this 100 Question Devon Quiz ! Remember to email your answers to to be in with a chance of winning a SIGNED Marmalade the Mouse book of your choice ! Have FUN everyone ! Love ya, from Marmalade the Mouse x