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Test Your Knowledge of LONDON with Marmalade's 100 Question Quiz ...

The London Adventure is not even out yet ... but we thought you'd like a "sneaky preview" of what you'll read and learn. The AMAZING NEW London Adventure can be pre-ordered by emailing Be one of the VERY FIRST to order your signed copy now !

Part 1 : 33 Questions from London Adventure ...

1. Which London train station does the Cornwall train come in to ?

2. Name a local bird you seek walking around London with a limp ?

3. What is the name given to the East End London dialect ?

4. What is the common name for the Yeoman Warders at the Tower of London ?

5. Who is on top of the statue outside Buckingham Palace, aside from the pigeons ?

6. In the London Adventure, what kind of soup does Betty serve before the choral concert ?

7. Her Majesty usually likes to wear matching shoes and handbag ? Makes a big effort or happens quite by chance ?

8. How do you get sherry trifle out of the red carpet at Buckingham Palace ?

9. Sherlock Holmes is dead ? True or false ?

10. Finish the phrase, "Oranges and Lemons, sang the bells of St ................."

11. In Tudor London, men wore doublets, frilly blouses, kilts, and tights. One of these fashions is not true. Which one ?

12. Queen Victoria reigned from what year to what year ? Hmmm ... bit tricky ... perhaps Google it !

13. In Marmalade the Mouse's London Adventure, does it rain on the open top bus tour ?

14. Name five top London landmarks you might see during a day trip to London ?

15. What's the name of the London bridge that opens in the middle to let ships sail through ?

16. Name William Shakespeare's favourite playhouse on the south bank of the Thames ?

17. How long is the River Thames from its source to the sea ? 146 ... 214 ... or 272 miles long ?

 18. What colour velvet cushion does Rupert the royal corgi sit on during the procession ?

19. In Tudor London, Henry VIII liked to eat plates of roast swan ? True or twallop ?

20. In the London Adventure, name the "mousey-ghost" who appears in Marmalade's dream ?

21. Tate Modern is a national gallery of modern art on the banks of the Thames. What did the building used to be before it was an art gallery ?

22. The Vikings invaded London for a) 20 years b) 100 years or c) 200 years before they finally gave up ?

23. What year did Guy Fawkes try to blow up the Houses of Parliament ?

24.  Every day, outside St James' Palace, there's a Changing of the Guard. At what time ?

25. Do spoilt and obnoxious royal corgi dogs like mice ? Sort of ... or really not at all ?

26. The first newspapers were printed on Fleet Street in the 1700s, 1800s or 1900s ? Hmmm ...

27. When The Saxons lived in London, did they call the city Londonwaffer or Lundenwic ?

28. Big Ben is the world's largest four-faced chiming .......... Complete the missing word.

29. The Saxons smashed up London Bridge into hundreds of pieces of broken wood and used it to dam the River Thames, like otters, to stop The Vikings sailing through ? Nonsense or fact ?

30. Queen Elizabeth the First rode through the streets of London on a white horse. True or false ?

31. London's theatreland is in the Haymarket. Could you once go to that market to buy hay ?

32. Before taxis in London, there were horse-drawn carriages. Where did the horses poo ?

33. The Roman Latin name for London means "river too wide too cross". What was that Latin name ?

Part 2 : Hmmmm, quite "tricky licky". Wish I had The London Adventure. It has all the answers ...

34. Stumps of a Bronze Age bridge across the River Thames were found poking out of the mud. Carbon dating said they were 3,500 years old ? Did I make this up, or might it be true ?

35. How much mud is there in the River Thames ... to the nearest muddy tonne ?

36. What year did William the Conqueror become King of England and set up his throne in London ?

37. Dr Johnson published the English Dictionary in London in 1755. How many years did it take to write ?

38. In Gough Square, just off Fleet Street, there's a statue of a cat. What's the cat's name ?

39. When the Crypt Mice go on an open top bus tour of London, what kind of sandwiches do they take with them ?

40. In the Second World War during "the blitz" London's children were evacuated to the country ? Likely or just an old London tale.

41. What year did Concorde first fly supersonic from London to New York ? Clue : there was a heatwave.

42. Name the famous London arena where super famous big pop bands play ?

43. Does Greater London today have a population of 6 million, 8.5 million or 12 million ?

44. London is the greenist city in Europe with 40%, 50% or 60% of wetland areas, parks and nature reserves ?

45. A fox was once found sleeping in a filing cabinet in the Houses of Parliament ? Nonsense or totally true.

46. When Henry VIII got fed up with his new wife, he shouted, "Off with her ..... !" Fill in the blank.

47. Down the East End of London, you can buy portions of "Jellied ..... " Complete the missing word.

48. What does Marmalade the Mouse find in his pocket one day ? A frog, a handle from broken vase or some jelly babies ?

49. There's a big dam on the River Thames to stop the river from flooding. What is this dam called ?

50. In London, there are 27, 173, or 270 different kinds of spiding living around the place ?

51. How many different languages are spoken in Greater London today. 100, 200 or 300 ?

52. In the late 1700's, you could be hung for stealing an apple ? True or false ?

53. Ships filled with convicts waiting to be sailed to Australia floated in the waters of the River Thames ? Did I just make this up, or did it really happen ?

54. In Shakespeare's Globe Theatre on The South Bank, the audience were allowed to throw rotten veggies at the players on the stage ? Total piffle or it happened daily ?

55. "London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down ..." are words from a famous nursery rhyme. Why did the bridge keep falling down ?

56. What lives in hives on the rooftops of London apartments and produces London honey ?

57. Which wild mammal is so tame in London that it sits and begs for sausages from the hand of a butcher in Leadenhall Market ?

58. Rupert the Royal Corgi is rather rambunctious or rumbunctious ? And what does this word mean ?

59. When you accidentally smash a super valuable Chinese Ming vase, gifted to Queen Victoria by a Chinese Emperor, do you tell anyone it was you who did it ? Discuss.

60. At the end of The London Adventure, what does Marmalade the Mouse leave London in ?

61. What year did The London Underground first open. Was it 1863, 1921 or 1967 ?

62. There's a famous ale house in The City of London called "Ye Olde Cheshire ....... " Fill in the blank.

63. Queen Victoria built several famous London buildings in memory of her husband, Albert. Please name two of them.

64. Name a local London radio station ?

65. Outside The Royal Observatory in Greenwich on the banks of the River Thames, there is a famous sundial that records what ? Hmmm ... tricky !

66. Why did the church bells next to St Clement's Wharf on the banks of the Thames ring out "Oranges and lemons ?" What had just sailed in to the Port of London ?

Part 3 : "The final part of the London QUIZZZZ ... Pheeeewww !" said Marmalade.

67. Is it true that mice have their own separate dining room in the basement of Buckingham Palace ? Likely or complete cods-wollop ?

68. Name two exotic spices that sailed to The Port of London on ships from The West Indies ?

69. Name four major London street markets ?

70. "Apples and pears" is Cockney Rhyming Slang for what ?

71. How many people visit Oxford Street, London's main shopping street, every day ? 270,000 ... 347,000 ... or 500,000 ?

72. If you were talking with a London Cockney accent, would you call someone "Mr Smif" or "Mr Smith" ?

73. How long did Marmalade the Mouse work at Buckingham Palace, before he was fired ? One hour, one day or one week ?

74. What is the name of the first ever bridge to be built across the River Thames, and who built it ?

75. Royal corgis practice Tai-Chi in the gardens of Buckingham Palace ? Ridiculous or quite possible ?

76. Is the dome of St Paul's Cathedral 57 meters, 111 meters or 200 meters above ground level ?

77. Mr Flour was a French baker who lived down Pudding Lane whose bakery caught fire in which year ?

78. If Rupert the royal corgi catches the "Ratzy", he thinks he'll get a day trip to ..........? Fill in the blank.

79. Do The St Paul's Mouse Choir sleep in dormitories or bunk beds ?

80. How does Marmalade the Mouse escape to The East End to safety ? Is it in a London bus, a black cab or a royal laundry van ?

81. "Oy, Rupert ! You little blighta ! Come 'ere !" shouted the footman. What does "blighta" mean ?

82. In Bronze Age London, a bridge and wooden hut were built at the bend in the river where a magical, bubbling underground river rose to the surface ? Made up story or absolutely true.

83. The Royal Mint in The City of London has been minting money for the last 560, 1100 years, or 1370 years ?

84. At precisely 5 o'clock in the evening one night in 1732, a sailor bungy-jumped off the top of the Monument obelisk ? Madness, it never happened ... or I bet he did it ?

85. The Shard is the tallest building in modern-day London. How many floors does it have ?

86. Minnie and Matilda are two mice who live in the crypt at St Paul's. Name their favourite hot drink ?

87. Tower Bridge was built in London in 1080AD by which famous Norman King ?

88. Thames Barges with billowing red sails used to sail up the River Thames from Newcastle in the North of England carrying what ? Was it a) soap b) coal or c) porridge oats ?

89. Name the frightening famous black birds that live in The Tower of London ?

90. On Marmalade the Mouse's last night in London, they play a game of "Spin the ............ ?" Complete.

91. What's the name of the modern bridge across the Thames that suspends itself like a magic thread ?

92. In Trafalgar Square, there's a statue of someone who won a sea battle against Napoleon of France in 1805. Name the famous Admiral ?

93. Name the famous London store that has hundreds of different kinds of cheeses at its cheese counter ?

94. The Romans lived in London for nearly 400 years. When they left, name 5 good things they left behind other than pizza and flip flops ?

95. The wreck of an old Spanish Galleon carrying chests of gold and treasure is said to still be lying under the mud at the bottom of the River Thames ? Total piffle or possibly true ?

96. Name two famous chains of burger bars which you find all over London ?

97. If you dip your toe in the River Thames when it's misty and make a wish, will the wish come true ?

98. Elizabeth the First used to live at .............. Court Palace. Complete the missing word.

99. On page 27 of The London Adventure, what does Marmalade the Mouse do that is really naughty ?


100. What is your TOP FAVOURITE thing you love most about London town ?

"Phew ! What a woppa of a London Quiz !" said Marmalade, heaving a sigh of relief. Email your answers to to be in with a chance of winning a Signed Marmalade the Mouse book. Good luck to you all ... and don't forget to pre-order your copy soon !

Love Marmalade the Mouse and Rupert the Royal Corgi xx